Snap offers industry first 100% EV shuttle transfer vans

In a first for New Zealand, Snap has replaced its traditional diesel transfer shuttle vans at Auckland Airport and Christchurch Airport, with 100% electric powered EV vans.

21 Jul 2020

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New Christchurch Airport Branch

Checkout Christchurch Airport's purpose built new branch

07 Aug 2019

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Enjoy the magic of Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is one of New Zealand's most beautiful lakes and well worth a drive from Christchurch

28 Jan 2019

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New Zealand Summer Music Festival Roadtrips

Experience the NZ summer by doing a roadtrip to one of New Zealand's iconic music festivals.

21 Nov 2018

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Pay for your rental car with PartPay

Booking your rental car just got easier and more flexible. Snap Rentals is excited to announce a collaboration with PartPay

08 Aug 2018

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What to do in Queenstown for the Winter Festival

Welcoming all Winter lovers, our favourite little snowy town has been throwing this party for the last 43 years, so they sure know how to host.

12 May 2018

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Eco friendly accommodation in Otago

There’s no doubt the Otago region is a wildly beautiful place, and we’re sure that just like the people who live there, you’ll be keen to keep it that way! That’s why we’ve sorted your eco-friendly accomodation for you, because being kind to the planet doesn’t always mean camping in sub zero temperatures!

09 May 2018

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Meet Christchurch team leader Aaron Ginger

Aaron Ginger is our team leader at the Snap Rentals Christchurch branch and lucky for us, this guy knows his way around a car or two. We chat with him about very first driving lessons, doing up old cars in the UK and where’s good to go in New Zealand.

07 May 2018

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Favourite food spots: Invercargill

If you’re heading down to the south of the south, you’ll be pleased to hear the eating and drinking options are still very much top class. Invercargill may only have a population of around 52,000 – but that doesn’t mean locals don’t know a good cup of coffee when they see one. Here’s our picks of where to park up while you’re in New Zealand’s southernmost town.

06 May 2018

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Meet Jeschua & Bendix, our in-house film guys

Jeschua Strohmeier and Bendix Vormfenne started with us as a couple of Car Groomers last year and it wasn’t long before we discovered their skill and talent for film. These days they travel the country as our in-house film crew, creating amazing content showcasing the most beautiful spots around New Zealand. We chat to them about their driving experiences and favourite activities around New Zealand.

30 Apr 2018

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Most iconic drives in the North Island

Our most populated and northernmost island certainly has its fair share of things ot boast about. From wild coastal drives, to natural thermal springs and the biggest lake in the country, there’s plenty to see and explore in the mighty North Island. Don’t leave without driving these special routes.

09 Apr 2018

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Five podcasts to inspire conscious and sustainable living

On long car journeys about the country, what better way to pass the time than by listening to some enlightening and motivating podcasts. Inspiring you on how to eat, exercise, buy and live your life to generate your best possible self, these following podcasts are our pick for turning your long drive into an inspiring couple of hours.

08 Apr 2018

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Favourite food spots in New Plymouth

If you’re lucky enough to found yourself in the Taranaki area on your road trip around New Zealand, you’ll be pleased to hear this region also has some mighty fine eateries in their midst. From hearty brunches and perfectly brewed cups of the good stuff, to fine dining evening meals or burgers on a budget, New Plymouth has got something to fill the belly of every hungry traveler.

05 Apr 2018

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Best places to visit in Autumn

Don’t let cooler temperatures and shorter days scare you off ticking things off the must-see list. New Zealand has plenty of jaw-dropping sights to see in Autumn too as our landscape really puts on a show to welcome in the new season. Here’s our picks for the top 5.

01 Apr 2018

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Top 5 Foodie Destinations in Taupo

Well known for its picturesque location on the shores of New Zealand’s largest lake, Taupō also draws visitors thanks to its volcanic underbelly that results in natural hot pools and stunning thermal features. However, all adventures need fuel of some kind, so if you’re planning on making the most of this township, you better fill your belly first. Here’s where to go to get the best in town.

22 Mar 2018

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Top 5 food spots in Queenstown

While it’s more renowned for its spectacular scenery and adrenaline activities, Queenstown has just as much for travelling foodies. Here are our top 5 food spots to inspire your appetite.

20 Feb 2018

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10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

There are small things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and it all starts with little changes to our lifestyle and consumption decisions. Here are 10 ways to get you started.

14 Feb 2018

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Top 7 romantic spots in New Zealand

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve put together a list of the top romantic spots around New Zealand to help you plan your dreamy getaway.

07 Feb 2018

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Must-try Kiwi cuisine for travelling Foodies

Fly, drive, walk, bus, train, ferry – all ways to travel around a country such as New Zealand. While we strongly recommend driving as the best form of transport (winky face) we can also strongly recommend…eating your way around.

23 Jan 2018

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Top camping spots around New Zealand

Visiting a scenic landmark is one thing, but waking up there is quite another. There is no way to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer (if we do say so ourselves) like by sleeping in it.

21 Jan 2018

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The most Instagrammable places in New Zealand

With such burning questions eating at our collective psyche, we have the interests of New Zealand travellers at heart. As such, this list of the most Instagrammable places in Aotearoa is sure to guide the most ‘gram-jamming of trips here.

30 Dec 2017

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Changing this one thing will help you reduce your impact on the environment this summer

So, have you considered the impact your roadie is going to have on the town/city/country you’re driving through/across/around? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t – but we certainly have. That’s why we have Teslas for rent, because we know the positive impact these electric dreams can have on the environ. And that is also why we have pulled together this handy listicle of all the reasons you should be opting for electric this summer.

27 Dec 2017

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Solar powered getaways

Here’s our picks for solar-powered getaways this summer. If you’re after a vehicle to get you there then we can hook you up! Visit our bookings page to hire a Snap Rental.

21 Dec 2017

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Snap’s Guide to Giving Miraculously Good Secret Santa Gifts That Won’t Backfire in Terrible Ways.

They say miracles happen in mysterious ways. Well at least I think that’s a saying? Anyway, miracles happen, they can be mysterious – it’s lovely. But the best miracle of them all? Your workplace secret santa, of course. The ballot has been drawn, whether you wanted to participate or not, and now you find yourself in need of a gift idea which shows you know something about someone whom you likely no very little about at all.

12 Dec 2017

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NZ Summer Checklist

A New Zealand summer really is something magical – endless blue skies, ice-cream melting heat and endless options for taking a dip. Everyone has their favourite swimming spot or hidden bay – and there are so many more to discover: Whether it is someone else’s old favourite your new adventure, we are passionate about getting you there. So, in true hospitable Kiwi fashion – here is our definitive(ish) checklist to make the most of a true New Zealand summer.

11 Dec 2017

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Wi-fi free getaways

‘Tis the season to prepare for your New Zealand summer sabbatical. No matter on what part of the country you have your sights set, one way to get the most out of a seasonal sojourn is to disconnect from the digital world.

04 Dec 2017

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Our favourite urban farms in NZ …

We’ve pulled together a list of ideal urban farm destinations well worth a visit. Here, you can offer a helping hand and may even be rewarded with something from the land.

23 Nov 2017

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Eco trends? More like Eco-transformation.

The team here at Snap are well on board with eco-tourism, adding Teslas to our fleet of low-emission vehicles. We also like to keep our fingers on the pulse of other eco-activity in our tourism sector, so have scoured the planet for the new shape eco-tourism has taken in 2017, and where it looks to be heading in 2018.

20 Nov 2017

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In Auckland on business? Here’s where to stay.

The economic hub of Aotearoa, there is a high chance you will find yourself in Auckland for work at some point in your career. So if you do find yourself in the city of sails, you’re going to want the inside scoop on the best places to call home for your stopover.

08 Nov 2017

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Romance that’s good for the earth

Snap’s guide to the 10 most romantic yet environmentally friendly spots in New Zealand.

31 Oct 2017

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Five hacks for a funner work trip

What can start off as an exciting work perk, can quickly start to seem like a chore: the double edged sword that is a work trip. With this collection of advice from Snap’s collective pool of wisdom, you can make the most of your strings attached travel.

31 Oct 2017

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Being at one with nature…and luxury

There is nothing like being at one with the outdoors for a classic Kiwi camping adventure. So why not add in some luxurious touches, take out the hard work and experience the New Zealand wilderness a new way: Glamping.

21 Oct 2017

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Shaka, bro!

Hanging ten, catching waves, in the green room… Whatever you want to call it, we have hunted out some of the best spots for surfing in New Zealand. North or South – or both – our coastlines are packed with places to ride.

18 Oct 2017

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Our favourite two words: Long weekend.

Labour weekend is right around the corner, and so are some of the best spots to get away and enjoy three days of…whatever the hell you like!

08 Oct 2017

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Travelling with a baby? Don’t fear, our helpful guide is here!

Perhaps you’re holidaying in your own backyard, or coming to New Zealand to face your fear of heights with a bungee jump or skydive, but have been warned throwing yourself from a plane or bridge may pale in comparison to travelling with a baby?

05 Oct 2017

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Be guided by travel blogs

At Snap Rentals, we believe in sharing the best advice and information with our audiences – so have compiled this list of the best Kiwi travel blogs to guide your New Zealand trip.

02 Oct 2017

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Money saving travel hacks for a New Zealand road trip

They say travel is the only thing you can buy that can make you richer. Well, we think that’s great – but what if you can get a discount?! We have put our heads together at Snap HQ to come up with the best New Zealand specific travel hacks for hustling Aotearoa on a budget …

25 Sep 2017

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Nothing like a road trip, or a road trip movie

Planning the ultimate road trip can be a web of decisions. What route to take? What activities to include? Even which people to take… To help inspire your road trip to-dos (and to-do-nots) we have compiled this list of the best ten road trip movies of all time.

20 Sep 2017

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The clean, green guide to a New Zealand road trip

Green and serene: New Zealand is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes. From majestic mountain ranges to rolling foothills; alpine glaciers to white river rapids; rugged coastlines with roaring seas to golden beaches and glassy lakes, it’s all here for tourists to see and experience.

15 Sep 2017

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Top 10 Things to Do in Auckland

One of the most frequently visited places in New Zealand is Auckland. It is the country’s biggest city and has a lot to offer anyone travelling through or staying for a while. Here are our top recommendations for things to do in Auckland.

29 Aug 2017

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Nissan X-Trail 7 Seater SUV coming to Snap Rentals late Aug 2017

Another new vehicle category for us here at Snap Rentals. This time we are excited to be adding the Nissan X-Trail to our lineup of SUVs.

07 Aug 2017

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Snap Rentals Opens Auckland City Centre Branch

Snap Rentals is very excited to announce the opening of an Auckland City Centre branch. The doors will open on 1st July 2017 at 8 Hereford St.

12 Jun 2017

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First Hire for Snap Rentals Tesla Model S

What better way to celebrate the long weekend than hiring a Tesla Model S. Well that’s exactly what Chris (left in the photo) has done and hired a Snap Rentals Tesla Model S.

04 Jun 2017

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Snap Rentals launches Tesla hire and announces pricing

Today we have announced pricing to hire a Model S Tesla. We are very excited to be the first company in New Zealand to offer Tesla Model S vehicles for hire. Launch pricing is $299.00 per day for the month of June.

31 May 2017

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Snap Tesla Model S is here today

Its been quite the wait, but our first Tesla Model S arrived today in Auckland. Jamie and Patrick were excited to collect the 2017 Tesla Model s from Tesla’s pop up shop in Auckland. Snap Rentals is the first company to offer Tesla for rental in New Zealand and will be releasing pricing for hire in the next few days.

25 May 2017

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Snap Rentals new look

We’re excited to be pushing out our new look for Snap Rentals. Over the coming months we will be getting our new logo everywhere. As you can imagine its a big job getting our vehicles and depots signwritten and looking sharp.

26 Mar 2017

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Brand new 2017 Hyundai i30s hitting the road with Snap Rentals

Snap Rentals is excited to announce that we are now offering brand new 2017 Hyundai i30s in our fleet. These are a great vehicle and will make your trip around town or the whole of New Zealand very enjoyable!

09 Feb 2017

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A Road Trip To Remember

05 Dec 2016

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Snap Rentals wins 11th on the 2016 Deloitte Fast 50 index

The annual Deloitte Fast 50 index, in association with BNZ, was announced on 16th November 2016 at the Deloitte Festival of Fast Growth. The index ranks businesses experiencing rapid revenue growth over three years across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, services, retail and consumer products, exporters and mature business. The index sets the benchmark for high growth businesses in New Zealand.

22 Nov 2016

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Snap Rentals Top Ranked NZ Awards 2016 Rental Cars Finalist

Snap Rentals has just been ranked a finalist in the Rankers Top Ranked NZ Awards for 2016.

05 Nov 2016

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Snap Rentals wins at business awards

We are very excited to win the Deloitte Fast 50 Auckland and Upper North Island regional award for the Fastest Growing Services Business. This has been no mean feat and we would like to thank all of our customers, and the hard work of our dedicated staff for getting us there!

28 Sep 2016

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Things to do in Christchurch

If you are in New Zealand, one of the cities which you simply cannot miss out on is Christchurch.

29 Mar 2016

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FIFA under 20 World Cup is coming

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see the calibre of player gracing the European circuits in NZ? Well, they may not be in their professional prime, but they are on their way to NZ.

25 May 2015

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Snap Rentals Auckland Airport Branch Makeover

Exciting things have been happening at our Auckland Airport branch over the last few weeks. Due to the demand from customers for our rental cars, our Auckland office was becoming a little small for all the increased numbers of customers picking up and returning. While our existing rental office was perfectly functional, it often became a little too cozy with everyone collecting and returning cars.

05 May 2015

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New Toyota Yaris Now Available From Snap Rentals

We are very excited to announce near new Toyota Yaris 5 door hatches are now available to rent from Snap Rentals in both Christchurch and Auckland.

15 Apr 2015

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Cricket World Cup 2015 is Coming

Well, what a year it has been for New Zealand’s own Black Caps. One of the best years in the history of New Zealand cricket. What better way to start off 2015 than co hosting the Cricket World Cup with Australia.

31 Dec 2014

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Cruze NZ in style in a brand new Holden Cruze

We are very excited about our BRAND NEW Holden Cruze vehicles available right now.

31 Dec 2014

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Town centre transfers now available in Queenstown and Christchurch

Due to popular demand Snap Rentals is now offering transfers to and from the town centres of Queenstown and Christchurch to our depots to collect rental cars.

03 Nov 2014

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Stewart Island, New Zealand’s hidden gem

If you’re planning a tour of the South Island, why not consider visiting Stewart Island? We promise you, it’s well worth it! Stewart Island sits off the South Coast of the South Island, and you’d probably be surprised how big it is…1,850 square kilometres in total – that’s nearly twice the size of Auckland City! – with 85% of the Island comprising the Rakiura National Park.

28 Oct 2014

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Head down under, to Queenstown in Summer, with Snap Rentals

When you picture New Zealand’s South Island town of Queenstown the first thing that pops into your head is normally icy mountain peaks, snow capped forests and a wintery wonderland. But Queenstown has much more on offer that just that – in fact visiting Queenstown when the snow has melted is sure to melt any traveller’s heart!

09 Oct 2014

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Don’t take taxis, rent a car, its far cheaper

New research shows that New Zealand is one of the most expensive places in the world to take a taxi. Christchurch and Queenstown in particular have the most expensive taxis in the world.

28 Sep 2014

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Christchurch in recovery

In 2011 Christchurch was hit by a devastating earthquake. While the city has been changed forever, it is now in a state of recovery. New businesses are literally popping up all over the city offering tourists all kinds of activities. There are bars in buses serving up refreshing beers, and shops operating out of containers.

14 Jul 2014

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